Custom OEM Test Measurement

Test & Measurement

OSI Optoelectronics provides numerous solutions for industrial applications. They are divided into non-process equipment and process equipment families.

Non-process equipment such as bar code scanners, currency validation and counters, encoders (precision motion control systems), gaming machines, construction laser leveling; pill, coin and seed counters are just a few. Our products are also used in manufacturing automation, proximity sensing, fog and rain sensing, fire safety, water purification and beam alignment. Among process equipment applications, we provide a wide variety of products for the photolithography industry.

OSI Optoelectronics range of products provides various solutions for test and measurement systems and equipment.

The wide range of capabilities includes:


  • Automated Electro-optical measurement and reporting
  • Characterization at extreme temperatures
  • High-speed measurement and Eye diagrams
  • Beam Analysis (Diameter, Divergence, Intensity)
  • Aberration Measurement
  • Spectral Measurement in the UV, Visible, and IR wavelengths are NIST traceable
  • Environmental Test and Measurement like Shock, Vibration, and Hermeticity

We can provide specific products for any requirement, whether a custom electro-optical specifications or packaging type. Any of our detectors may be tested and calibrated to NIST standards and may be supplied with corresponding certification.