OSI Optoelectronics, has many years of experience in providing the best standard and custom X-ray detector devices for industrial, security and medical fields. Our proprietary detectors are designed and manufactured in-house with outstanding track records of reliability. Our broad manufacturing experience with X-ray detector modules has provided the high level of R&D and engineering necessary to create the best product for any X-ray scanning application. We are the largest supplier of X-ray/Scintillator arrays for security and 2-dimensional back illuminated arrays for CT scanners.


OSI Optoelectronics has a wide base of customers in Medical, Security and Industrial X-ray measurement equipment that have approved the quality and reliability of our workmanship. OSI Optoelectronics’ X-ray detector design yields a high responsivity as well as extremely low cross talk arrays, coupled with scintillators and optimized for the requirements CT Scanners, Food Inspection or Baggage Scanning. These high performance photodiodes are processed under careful quality control. 


OSI Optoelectronics X-ray devices exhibit low dark current, high output, extended linearity, short wavelength enhanced responsivity, and fine-pitch arrays with low cross talk between adjacent elements. OSI Optoelectronics also offers module design and manufacturing to select and add appropriate scintillator and electronics for integration into any X-ray inspection systems. This modular system of either 64 or 128 channels (pitch of 1.57mm or 0.8mm), can be connected up to 63 boards to provide up to 8064 channels mounted end to end for a continuous array. Data output in 16-bit format can be interfaced via parallel port, PCI board or standard frame grabber.