Molded Lead Frame and Leadless Ceramic Substrate

The Dual LED series consists of a 660nm (red) LED and a companion IR LED such as 880/ 895, 905, or 940nm. They are widely used for radiometric measurements such as medical analytical and monitoring devices. They can also be used in applications requiring a low cost Bi-Wavelength light source. Two types of pin configurations are available: 1.) three leads with one common anode or cathode, or 2.) two leads parallel back-to-back connection. They are available in two types of packaging. Clear lead frame molded side looker, and leadless ceramic substrate.



Blood analysis

Medical Instrumentation

Ratiometric Instruments


Leadless ceramic Substrate

Lead Frame Molded Packages

Two and Three Lead Designs

Bi-Wavelengths LEDs

Matching Detector Response

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