GaAs Photodiode Arrays

The FCI-GaAs-XXm is a 4 or 12 element GaAs PIN photodetector array designed for high speed fiber receiver and monitoring applications. The 70µm diameter elements are capable of 2.5Gbps data rates. AR coated and sensitive to telecommunication wavelengths, this array is a perfect receiver for SM or MM fiber ribbon with a 250µm pitch. THe FCI-GaAs-XXM comes standard on a wraparound ceramic submount. Board level contacts have a 0.5mm pitch.

InGaAs Photodiode Array

Product Applications

  • Fiber Optic
  • DWDM Monitor
  • SM or MM Fiber Ribbon
  • Parallel Interconnects

Product Features

  • High Speed
  • High Responsivity
  • AR Coated Elements
  • Wraparound Ceramic Submount
  • Spectral Range 650nm to 860nm

Monitor Linear Arrays

Model Number Active Area Diameter Responsivity Capacitance Dark Current Max. Reverse Voltage Max. Forward Current Bandwidth Breakdown Voltage Package Click Image to Zoom
FCI-GaAs-4M 70 µm 0.63 A/W
0.65 pF 0.03 nA --- 5 mA 2 GHz
850 nm
50 V FCI-GaAs-4M No image found for (FCI-GaAs-4M)
FCI-GaAs-12M 75 µm 0.63 A/W
0.65 pF 0.03 nA --- 5 mA 2 GHz
850 nm
50 V FCI-GaAs-12M No image found for (FCI-GaAs-12M)