Fiberoptic Receiver

The BPX65-100 receiver contains a BPX-65 ultra high speed photodiode coupled to an NE5212 (Signetics) transimpedance amplifier. Standard products include ST and SMA connector versions.

Silicon BPX65 100

Product Applications

  • 100Mbps Optical Communications
  • Fiber Patchcord Coupling
  • Silicon-based Optical Receivers

Product Features

  • 140MHz Bandwidth
  • 14KΩ Differential Transresistance
  • 400nm to 1000nm Spectral Range
  • 2.5 pA Transimpedance Amplfier √Hz

Electro-Optical Characteristics

Model Number Fiber Connector Power Supply Detector Responsivity Amplifier Gain Max Data Rate Package Click Image to Zoom
BPX65-100 --- 5 V 0.5 A/W 14 KΩ 100 Mbps max BPX65-100 No image found for (BPX65-100)
BPX65-100ST ST 5 V 0.5 A/W 14 KΩ 100 Mbps max BPX65-100ST No image found for (BPX65-100ST)
BPX65-100SMA SMA 5 V 0.5 A/W 14 KΩ 100 Mbps max BPX65-100SMA No image found for (BPX65-100SMA)