Multi Channel X-Ray Detectors

Scintillator Compatible Photodiode Arrays

This series consists of 16- element arrays: the individual elements are grouped together and mounted on PCB. For X-Ray or Gamma-ray application, these multi-channel detectors offer scintillator-mounting options: BGO, CdWO4 or CsI(TI).

BGO (Bismuth Germanate) acts as an ideal absorber: it is widely accepted in high-energy detection applications. 

CdWO4 (Cadmium Tungstate) exhibits sufficiently high light output, helping improve Spectrometry results. 

CsI (Cesium Iodide) is another high energy absorber, providing adequate resistance against mechanical shock and Thermal stress.

When coupled to scintillator, these Si arrays map any medium or high radiation energy over to visible spectrum via scattering effect. Also, their specially designed PCB allows end-to-end connectivity. Multiple arrays can be deployed in situation that calls for larger scale assembly.

Silicon Multi Channel X-Ray

Product Applications

  • Position Sensors
  • Multi-channel Gamma Counting
  • X-ray Security Systems

Product Features

  • Scintillator Platform
  • 5 Volt Bias
  • Channel Spacing Variety

Photoconductive Arrays

Model Number Number of Elements Pitch Active Area Active Area Dimensions Responsivity Terminal Capacitance Rise TIme Reverse Bias Package Click Image to Zoom
A2C-16-1.57 16 1.57 mm 2.35 mm² 2.00 x 1.18 mm 0.59 A/W 28 pF 0.1 µs 5 V A200C Click to View Larger Image of (A2C-16-1.57)