OSI Optoelectronics is the leading global provider of innovative photonics, optoelectronics, and advanced electronic systems for leading Aerospace & Defense, Medical, and Industrial OEMs that demand high-reliability, high-performance, market-driven technology solutions today.

Aerospace & Defense

We have over five decades of experience in designing and manufacturing advanced optoelectronic components and electronic assemblies for high reliability, mission-critical applications in Aerospace & Defense.


Medical & Life Sciences

OSI Optoelectronics is one of the largest OEM solution providers in life sciences.  We design and manufacture chips, modules, and complete box builds from concept to high-volume production.  Many of our worldwide facilities are FDA registered and audited, and our manufacturing is ISO 13485 and QSR / GMP compliant. 


Industrial, Test And Measurement

OSI Optoelectronics offers diverse industrial applications solutions for non-process equipment and process equipment families.

Non-process equipment such as bar code scanners, currency validation and counters, encoders (precision motion control systems), gaming machines, construction laser leveling, pill, coin, and seed counters are just a few.  Our products are also widely used in manufacturing automation, proximity sensing, fog and rain-sensing, fire safety, water purification, and beam alignment.  Among process equipment applications, we provide a wide variety of products for the photolithography industry.


Commercial And Consumer

Smaller size, rising levels of integration, and enhanced performance and versatility of electronic products demand an increasing combination of electronic and optical technologies.  This is especially evident in recent inventions of compact, high-performance semiconductor-based photodiodes which incorporate photodiode-amplifier modules for applications in optical sensing and optical storage industries. Recent developments in VR headsets and augmented reality applications use OSI's InGaAs technologies, detecting 1550nm infrared laser signals for spacial recognition sub-systems.  

Other popular consumer applications are diffused optical IR wireless indoor communication, the automatic focus for cameras, LCD brightness adjustment, UV sensors, and plastic fiber optical data links for automotive applications. 


Optical Communications

Our selection of photodiode and laser diode components and modules results from many years of research and development.  These products are utilized in numerous applications such as free space communications, fiber optic receivers (ROSA), CWDM and DWDM monitor arrays, power and wavelength monitors, and lockers for laser diodes and short wavelength plastic optical fibers. 


Safety And Security

OSI Optoelectronics' innovative optical sensors and emitters are increasingly used in various safety and security applications, providing state-of-the-art technologies to OEMs developing solutions for a safer world.  We specialize in designing and developing components and sub-systems for critical applications in homeland security and hazardous environments.


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