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Light-enabled products and services are fundamental photonics components ranging from photodetectors and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to semiconductor Laser Diodes. Photonics affect almost every facet of modern life, from weather and climate monitoring to the fabrication of new automobiles and semiconductor equipment, and from advanced agriculture to water purification 

  • Manufacturing automation 

  • Proximity sensing

  • LiDAR 

  • Fog and rain-sensing 

  • Fire safety 

  • Flame detection and characterization 

  • Water purification 

  • Semiconductor process equipment 

  • Bar code scanners 

  • Environmental Monitoring 

  • Currency validation and counters 

  • Encoders (precision motion control systems) 

  • Gaming machines 

  • Construction laser leveling 

  • Pill, coin, and seed counters 

  • Laser monitoring 

Test & Measurement

Today's optical sensors and laser-based test and measurement systems offer faster, more accurate results. They provide new techniques for more efficient manufacturing in optical communication and photonics integrated circuits (PICs), among many others. The photonics components used in a large variety of test and measurement equipment:  

  • OTDR 

  • Electro-Optic equipment  

  • Spectroradiometers  

  • Test equipment to measure laser light sources 

  • Spectrometers and birefringence and polarimetry systems 

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