Customized Solutions and Capabilities

Semiconductor Design and Fabrication

By leveraging our core expertise in Silicon and III-V compound fabrication, OSI has become a leading provider of photonic solutions world wide. Our experienced semiconductor design team and our extensive engineering capabilities at our semiconductor foundry located at our headquarters in Los Angeles allows us to offer our customers customized solutions that are tailor-made to meet specific customer needs and withstand the most rigorous specifications and environmental requirements. Our team is constantly reviewing and enhancing our offerings, taking full advantage of the latest technological advancements to provide solutions that support even the most critical applications. 

Silicon, III-V compound design and fabrication
GaAs, InP-Based Laser Diodes
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) Light Dependent Resistors

Photonics Packaging, Manufacturing & Subsystem Design

Our design and manufacturing operations are housed in 12 world-class facilities around the globe, where our team of experts, design and develops premium photodetectors, laser diodes, imaging and medical sensors, photonic modules, and instruments.  These resources, combined with more than 50 years of experience in the field of optoelectronics, give OSI Optoelectronics the expertise to develop incredibly efficient manufacturing processes that exceed the rigorous standards set by our customers. With expertise in medical and life sciences, aerospace and defense, security, communication, and industrial solutions, our design and manufacturing services are developed for scalability from prototype to volume production.  In our worldwide operations, we can deliver solutions for your needs in:  

Optical Assembly
Hybrid Circuit and Multi-chip Module (MCM) fabrication
Ceramic Fabrication
Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Hermetic Packaging
Scintillation Crystals
Surface Mount
Flex Circuits Design & Fabrication
PCB Design & Fabrication

Test & Calibration, High-reliability Qualification

By incorporating extensive in-house environmental, functional, and reliability testing and screening capabilities, OSI Optoelectronics provides a cost-effective solution to meet the challenging demands of commercial, automotive, defense and aerospace applications. Our wide range of testing capabilities includes, 

Automated Electro-optical measurement and reporting 
Characterization at extreme temperatures 
High-speed measurement and Eye diagrams 
Beam Analysis (Diameter, Divergence, Intensity) 
Aberration Measurement 
Spectral Measurement in the UV, Visible, and IR wavelengths are NIST traceable 
Environmental Test and Measurement like Shock, Vibration, and Hermeticity

We can provide specific products for any requirement, including custom electro-optical specifications and packaging types. Any of our detectors may be tested and calibrated to NIST standards and may be supplied with corresponding certification. 

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