Deep UV, Soft X-Ray Enhanced

Our R&D 100 award-winning X-UV detector series are a unique class of silicon photodiodes designed for additional sensitivity in the X-Ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum without the need of scintillator crystals or screens. They are sensitive over a wide spectral range from 0.07nm to 200nm (6eV to 17.6KeV), where one electron-hole pair is created per 3.63eV of incident energy which corresponds to extremely high stable quantum efficiencies. Applying a reverse bias reduces the capacitance and increases the speed of response. When unbiased, these detectors are suitable for low noise and low drift applications. They are also excellent choices for detecting light wavelengths between 350 to 1100nm. For measurement of radiation energies above 17.6 keV, refer to our Fully Depleted Radiation Detectors series.


Electron Detection

Medical Instrumentation


Radiation Monitoring

X-ray Spectroscopy

Charged Particle Detection


Direct Detection

No Bias Needed

High Quantum Efficiency

Low Noise

High Vacuum Compatible

Cryogenically Compatible

0.070 - 1100nm Wavelength Range

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